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At Russell & Company, we hold informational events for our clients and the greater community that feature information on various retirement topics. Sign up today to attend one of our upcoming events!

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Could You Be Getting Bad Financial Advice? How Would You Know?

Due to the significance of issues that can arise from an unplanned or poorly planned retirement, Russell & Company makes education and guidance a top priority.


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Upcoming Retirement Rescue Live:

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • A trademarked approach to truly diversify your portfolio during a volatile market
  • How you can coordinate your tax, estate, and investment plan and keep your money from falling through the cracks
  • How to avoid losing up to 50% of your IRA to federal estate taxes and income taxes
  • The biggest mistake you can make when doing an IRA rollover at retirement or with a Trust that contains outdated language
  • Find out how this one costly but common mistake could end up causing your IRA to become fully taxed
  • How you can legally eliminate taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) at age 70½

If you own traditional IRA’s, 401(k)’s, TSP, 403(b)’s, or 457 plans, you owe it to yourself - and your family - to attend this event and get the latest updates and information.

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