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Frequently Asked Questions and Who to Contact

  • Questions about account transfers/new accounts:
    Rachel Jones
  • Questions about your accounts:
    Rachel Jones
  • How do I log into my account/View my accounts:
    Rachel Jones
  • Questions about paperwork mailed to you:
    Rachel Jones or Logan Johnson
  • Change of address or beneficiaries:
    Zach Woodward
  • Money request:
    Rachel Jones or Logan Johnson
    (Checks are not issued from our office)
  • How long will it take to get money when I request it from my accounts:
    Roof Accounts: 7-10 days
    Foundation Accounts: 3-4 weeks
  • Questions about Events, Refer & Reward program, Newsletter:
    Erin Boice
  • Scheduling visits or conference calls:
    Allison Popadyn
  • Tax Forms:
    Your tax forms come direct from each company. You may receive them well into March of each year.
  • What to do about Proxy voting:
    You can tell them to stop calling you or you can vote over the phone. Usually we suggest voting with management, if different we would notify you.

Contact Our Team

Rachel Jones
Director of Operations/Client Operations Team Member

Logan Johnson
Client Operations Team Member


Allison Popadyn
Director of First Impressions
Client Experience Team Member

Erin Boice
Director of Creative Engagement



Zach Woodward
Wealth Management Team Member