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I'm Rob Russell, co-founder and Chief Innovator with Russell...

Are you someone who appreciates custom precision engineering? Have you worked hard, very hard, to get where you are in life?

Someone who values the best, highest-quality, specialized advice? Are you family and faith focused with conservative values?

Then Russell is for you.

That being said, we know our talented team is not for everyone and not everyone is the right fit for us - and that's ok.

If high-quality, all-encompassing wealth management seems excessive to you there are many more "cookie cutter" financial advisors at the local strip mall.

Some may claim Russell's attention to detail and high-touch approach to client relationships is overkill or extravagant...And they're right.

Does a wealth management team really need to spend so much time coordinating your investment strategy with a tax advisor and estate planning attorney? Absolutely not.

On the other hand, if you value tax-efficiency, not running out of money, keeping your wealth in your family and developing a plan with the goal to generate growth regardless of the markets, then we custom build plans for you.

You're going to love how we take something as complex as managing all aspects of your wealth and make it simple and understandable regardless of your background and experience.

You're going to love how we create your confident income plan so you don't run out.

You're going to love all the events we offer to our client family throughout the year like wine & food pairings, fun themed events like Mardi Gras and inspiring evenings with best-selling authors and famed speakers.

You're going to absolutely love how we welcome you into our client family.

Oh, and most of all, you're going to love the confidence and freedom knowing that you have a well thought-out plan specifically built for you and your family.

Yes, leaving no stone unturned is overkill, but it's absolutely necessary to protect your wealth from extra taxes and market risk.

You've worked hard to accumulate what you have, isn't it time to include a team that's going to work just as hard to help you protect and grow it?

So give us a call. You won't get a call center. You'll get our Director of First Impressions, eager to make your day better.

Still have questions?

Read the answers to the Top 5 toughest questions that most advisors love to hate.

It's not about the latest financial product, it's about solving your concerns and achieving your aspirations. Let's visit and chat how we can help you build a total, all-inclusive wealth plan for you supported by our team of CFPs, tax advisors, and estate planning specialists.

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