Building Your
Fiscal House

“Unfortunately, you normally would need a net worth of at least $50 million to get total integration of your investment, tax, retirement, and legacy planning. But then we thought, 'What about everyone else? Don’t they deserve the same advice?'  
"So, we built it.”

– Rob Russell, President & CEO

It’s taken you years of hard work to create your wealth. Let us help you protect and grow it with our unique Client-First Process. It helps you discover key areas of your income, tax, investment, or legacy planning that need improvement, then offers a clear, plain-English strategy for getting everything on the right track:

Review your income, investment, tax, and legacy plan to determine if improvements are needed.

Provide a high-level blueprint designed to help improve your planning and get it on track. Establish accounts for you and perform rollovers. 

Share specific investments that have been selected for you and begin construction on your Fiscal House™.

Review your completed plan, answer any questions, and discuss logging into our client portal.

Review yearly progress, discuss changes in your goals or situation, and adjust accordingly. Review your tax return to help ensure tax-efficiency and leverage opportunities.

How we’re different

Here’s What Life Will Look Like When You Join Russell Total Wealth & Wellness

When you join our firm, you become a member of our family and can expect an experience unlike one you’ve ever had with a wealth management firm before.

The No. 1 reason people switch financial advisors is because of a lack of communication. That won’t happen with our team because, throughout the year, we host multiple opportunities for you to connect with us, review your financial strategy, learn about topics of interest to you, and feel empowered to make decisions that benefit you and your family.

At Russell, you’ll find us …



Our team is ready to assist you with your questions. Our newsletter helps you live a happier, healthier life and stay in the loop on everything we offer.


We enjoy visiting with our clients at social events throughout the year. We love to show our appreciation, recognize new clients, and just have fun together!



Throughout the year, we host a variety of opportunities for you to connect with us and learn about issues related to wealth and wellness.



We’re pleased to offer annual Fiscal House reviews, investment email alerts, quarterly portfolio check-ins, and access to our Client Portal.