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Retiring from Speedway Podcast with Rob Russell

Retiring From Speedway Podcast

The 'Retiring From Speedway' podcast is designed to educate you on all of the options and choices you have to make when retiring/leaving Speedway/7-Eleven. Your host, Rob Russell, is a former Speedway employee and his company, Russell Total Wealth & Wellness, has helped many former Speedway employees from I.T., H.R., Accounting, Marketing, Executive level, etc. retire from Speedway. Rob wishes he would've had a resource like this - a podcast that would've walked him through the different steps and decisions he had to make when he left Speedway, so he created it for other Speedway/7-Eleven folks to help them avoid mistakes and make the right decisions when retiring/leaving Speedway.

Rob Russell offers investment advisory services through Russell Capital Management. Russell Total Wealth & Wellness is not affiliated or endorsed by Speedway/7-Eleven in any way.


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