Get to know Andie Doller

Andie Doller

Senior Wealth Advisor

Andie Doller, a wealth advisor at Russell Total Wealth and Wellness, has worked in the financial services sector since 1999.

She began her career in personal banking at Huntington National Bank and worked her way into financial advising and planning. In addition to working as a wealth strategist and retirement planner, she also trains and mentors new advisors.

Andie, who joined the firm in January 2021, joins Curvin Miller IV as co-host of top-rated “Total Wealth Radio.”

A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, Andie earned her associate degree in business and her Bachelor of Arts in marketing. She is currently pursuing the CFP® designation.

Andie resides in Carlisle, Ohio, with her twin daughters, Maddie and Karter, along with the family dog, Gunner, and two cats. The family enjoys hiking, boating, camping, swimming and all things outdoors. Doller and her daughters also are active in community service projects as volunteers for SICSA and Sleep In Heavenly Peace, among other projects. Her love for helping children is reflected in her involvement with the Dayton Children’s Hospital Planned Giving Board as well as Child Care Choices of Miami County.