Get to know Andie Doller

Andie Doller

Sr. Wealth Advisor

Beginning her career in corporate banking in 1999, and ascending into the financial services sector in 2004, Andrea Doller has dedicated her professional life to navigating the complexities of financial planning. Andie’s passion for the financial field spills out into one of the roles she enjoys most, mentoring and training  new Advisors.

“Andie” earned her Associates Degree in Business, then continued her education, going on to receive a BA in Marketing as well. Currently a Sr. Wealth Advisor at Russell Total Wealth and Wellness, Andie joins Curv Miller Saturdays at 8 a.m. on WHIO as co-host of Total Wealth and Wellness Radio and co-authored best-selling How to Retire in a Weekend, released in 2023 (available on Amazon).

Andie resides in Carlisle with her twin teenage daughters, Maddie and Karter. If you ask Andie though, her favorite child is the family dog, Gunner! Andie is a Jeep lover and, along with her girls, can be found on the weekends making memories doing all things outdoors: hiking, boating, camping, and swimming, just to name a few! It’s not all leisure with Andie though, she noted: “I think it’s important to instill a service mindset in my girls, we also spend time together volunteering, SICSA and Sleep In Heavenly Peace are our favorites.”

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